Matteus Faria


Graphic Designer

→ Valongo
International Image Festival

Art Direction.Design.

Valongo is a pretty cool festival with photographers, filmmakers and lovers of culture. It’s second edition, but without much people having heard about the first. And that’s how we decided to provoke the public. If art lovers know as much as they usually claim to know,how come they’ve never heard of Valongo?

Inequality Balls

Art Direction.Design.

There’s one opponent that only women have to beat in sports: inequality. Salaries, sponsorships, prize money. For female athletes everything is lower. Play against inequality. The ball is already in play. Join the team.

→ Oasis
Graphic Album Covers

Art Direction.Design.

This personal project is a series of album covers inspired in one of my favourite bands, Oasis. There are seven covers in total and each one has an element that was present in the original cover. I used a modern graphic style, representing these with simple shapes and colors.

→ Brahma
Key Visual 2017

Art Direction.Design.

In the beginning of every year the company develop new visual directions in order to refresh their message. In 2017, we decided to propose for the client a flat style solution, adding value to the product, transmitting the message as clear as possible.